About the Changing Woman Project

The Changing Woman project was conceived by artist Patricia Ariel and is focused on raising awareness about woman’s issues and rights, as well as promoting women’s empowerment through examples from real life.

The project’s goal is to create twenty-one art portraits of women with stories to tell about how being a woman in the current model of society has impacted their lives. Stories of trauma, abuse, neglect, struggle, and how they fought and thrived, being transformed by the hands of the artist in models of support and encouragement for other women under similar circumstances.

The project was first launched on the Indie GoGo crowdfunding platform in order to raise funds to make it viable and give to it a bigger and more embracing dimension. We continue collecting donations until we can achieve the initial goal of  $29,000, which was not possible with only one fundraising.  The goal is to put together an art show, a “behind the scenes” video for the internet, an art book, and to produce limited edition art prints which sales (along with the books) will support an organization for the protection of women.

Official Changing Woman site:

Watch the video:

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